Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blackberry Javelin 8900

The smartphone that is my favorite as of right now has got to be the Blackberry 8900. This phone possesses features a computer would have like games, applications: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Wi-Fi, a 3.2 mega pixel auto focus camera, a great keyboard (qwerty) and a smaller screen unlike other phones, but higher 480 x 360 pixel resolution. Aside from all the applications and programs on the phone itself, another reason why I like this phone is because it is not as chunky, or heavy or wide as other phones are. It's small and compact but is full of great apps! I have this phone and really enjoy it, it's not as complicated to work as it may seem because it resembles and works just like a computer. It often gets confused with the Blackberry Bold because of its look. I have done a comparison against the Blackberry Bold and the Blackberry Javelin 8900. Under Size and weight the Javelin is proven to be a bit smaller and lighter. Under the heading, "Voice Input/Output", the Bold lacks a headset jack whereas the 8900 does. The 8900 seems to be better in Media player. The comparison goes on to show that the 8900 has a higher resolution pixel color display.

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