Wednesday, January 7, 2009

10 Free Must Have Blackberry Applications

As everyone knows the latest gadget everyone has or is getting this year are the Blackberry phones. These mobile phones are more than just a phone, they are like portable computers that can fit in your purse and even your pocket! Its many features is what attracts individuals to buy this product. I have the Blackberry 8900, and it features: Windows Live Messenger, Blackberry Messenger, Wi-Fi, E-mail and applications such as: Word to go, Sheet to go, and even PowerPoint to go, these applications resemble the Microsoft programs: Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Having read an article about free applications I became even more interested in the Blackberry. It already has everything a phone and computer needs what else can it have to make it better? Well the answer is: free applications!

One of the ten applications that interested me was Google Mobile, this allows the user to a one-stop access to Google Gmail. ISkoot is an application where the user can receive and send Skype calls using ISkoot for those who have Skype this may be an application you may want to download for your Blackberry. There is further information on the applications. Don't waste time! Customize your Blackberry Smart phone now!

For the complete list of free applications for your Blackberry follow the link:

PS. To learn more about one specific application click the name of the application you would like to learn about.

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